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Improve your business image with flowers!

We can help you to make your place to be more sophisticated, stylish and unforgetta ble. Flowers always create a positive reaction. They made people feel special, improve their mood, creativity, productivity and foster a positive atmosphere in a place. Flowers compositions in your lobby, restaurant, hotel or office show your place as a upscale environment.

What we offer:

  • Flower service and regular care maintenance for your business venue.
  • Personalised service to meet your requirements
  • Professional decoration
  • Discount  with signing a subscription contract

Corporate Events and Office Decoration

Flowers provide a stylish way to communicate your message to customers helping to create unique atmosphere which states exactly what you want the customer to hear and feel. Whether you would like to have a flower composition at reception, business dinner, a thank you, congratulations, to send to your corporate clients or business partners an expression of sympathy or to show your appreciation to an employee for a job well done.

For additional information and consultation call us on +359 898 612 012

Coffee shops and Restaurants

Flowers can be a detail that should never be forgotten when creating the right atmosphere for your restaurant. Designing your restaurant with fresh flowers creates the right atmosphere whether you want a holiday feeling , a romantic ambiance , or even a leisurely family dinner. 

We know you care about every detail of your business because you are interested in creating an unforgettable experience for your customers. Kali Flowers can create a beautiful arrangements for your front desk, tables, gift bouquets for your VIP-clients , washrooms, patio planters or special events. When we compose you floral decorations we take into account many factors: the size and the form of a tables, lighting in the room, a style of your restaurant. Let our florists get it done professional. We provide decoration on subscription contract basis.

For additional information and consultation call us on +359 898 612 012

Hotels and Motels

Elegant compositions for the reception desk or a lush bouquets for a guest rooms can emphasise the style of your property. 

Whether the decor of your Hotel is modern or classic we can design the most stunning flower compositions to help uplift your clients or guest. 

Let us create the right flower arrangement to compliment your decor and to show your guest you care about your first impression. We offer fresh flowers that will last and stay beautiful. We are positive that your customers will be coming back.

For additional information and consultation call us on +359 898 612 012


Increase your business by transforming your space with flowers and plants. What can be better than fresh flowers! Fresh flowers attract customers with their beauty and make everything look elegant. Our florists will make sure that the flowers compositions go well with your store’s design conception and your merchandise. We can decorate your display windows and your counters. We use the freshest and most beautiful flowers and plants. When decorating your store we will make the customers feel like they are welcomed. We provide stunning vase arrangements, exotic orchids plants, and dried flower arrangements to beautify your retail space all on a contract basis.

For additional information and consultation call us on +359 898 612 012

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