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Are Flower cards made from fresh flowers?

Absolutely! Imagine an exquisite fresh floral arrangement, in miniature, lovingly arranged by hand by our skilled florists and set inside a stylish greeting card or tin, beautifully printed with your personalised message. All carefully packaged in a beautiful gift box and dispatched either from us or by your preferred delivery method.

How is a Flower card made?

Every single Flower card is individually made to order, using freshly picked, exquisite flowers sourced from the best in the world. Flowers are hand arranged stem by stem and carefully secured to a sealed oasis base. It takes time to produce something so stunning, and so much smaller than a traditional bouquet, yet with more complexity and intricate beauty. The perfect finishing touch is a message printed on the card.

How do I choose my Flower card?

For ease we have created collections of floral greetings cards by their suitability for key occasions, such as a Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby or Sympathy card. We have also created collections by sentiment, such as Thank You cards or Get Well cards, to help you find exactly what you need more easily

How big is a Flower card?

Flower cards are similar in size to a normal greetings card. Most cards are designed in portrait orientation at A6 format size 14.6cm high x 10 cm wide x 10cm deep (5.75 x 4"). Most are with a small buttonhole sized arrangement attached to the front of the card. However customized shapes and sizes can personalized by customer’s requirements.

How long will a Flower card last?

Every Flower card are made with dry flowers. You can enjoy their beauty for up to several months to year depending on how they stored and exposed to direct sunlight.

What other personalized gifts can I buy from

We also make specially designed pictures and wall stands from flowers and moss. Additionally we have a great collection of antique gravures which are more than 100 years old. We also supply a wide range of African motives handmade batiks painted using the marble classical effect, designed by our partners from Marika Arts