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Flowers for the Bathroom


 As a rule of thumb you should try to keep your flowers away from extreme temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight and away from any appliances which give off  heat or draughts to prevent dehydration and wilting. However, there are a number of plants and blooms which will thrive in the almost tropical climate of the  bathroom. Low light, humidity and warmth are no match for these flowers, and to make it even better, the heady aroma of these flowers will only be enhanced by  the steamy environment.

 Gardenia – thrives in bright bathrooms where the steam will help to release its clean floral scent.

 Orchids – find a sweet-smelling, fragrant species to make mornings more enjoyable.

 Stephanotis – don’t let the delicate blossoms deceive you; this bloom packs a delicious floral punch.


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